What is fused glass?

Glass is a crystalline liquid which is constantly in SLOW motion. To join, or fuse, two or more pieces of glass heat must be applied. This is accomplished with a kiln or a blowtorch. In the presence of heat, the glass will become more fluid and flow together. A special type of glass must be used so that all of the pieces expand and contract at the same rate, making the finished piece durable.

SLUMPING (plate, bowls, masks) is the process of using a mold to form the glass into a desired form. Again using a kiln, the glass is either slumped into or draped over a mold. Glass can also be manipulated during this stage to create yet another shape.

TACK FUSING (ornaments, masks) requires that the glass be heated at a lower temperature for a shorter amount of time until the glass “just” sticks together. This results in each piece of glass keeping its individual look.


Before the glass is fused it can be painted, cut into intricate shapes, or embellished with:

  • Shards – extremely thin pieces of glass
  • Stringers – long, thin thread of glass
  • Frit and powder – coarse salt to sand sized pieces of glass
  • Rods – round cylinders of glass